Image shows a year of location data extracted from smart phone with each day of week as a separate color

Uncharted Geography is an effort to map what we can’t see when we explore the places every day. The idea started with simple questions when I think about NYC, the stories, its people, all the spaces and places and how much of it we can perceive just by looking at it.


I am an urban designer and an educator with a great interest on maps and data. this blog will explore the data and try to create a visual language  out of it. A different perspective of cities, places and a pathway to uncharted geographies.

Alihan Polat is a graduate of Pratt Institute and an urban planner and designer by training and background, Alihan specializes in data mapping and visualization and GIS software. With over 15 year’s workplace experience at a NY-based nonprofit that uses digital tools in urban planning, Alihan applies GIS technology to various urban planning and environmental challenges. He also teaches planning, design, mapping and GIS and environmental science courses at Pratt Institute and CUNY CityTech.