432 Park Avenue

I live in BedStuy Brooklyn. Every night before I wrap up my day, I walk our dog. Monty is a Golden Retriever who loves to explore! Recently, I realized that I can see the “super tall” 432 Park Avenue throughout our walks and occasionally when I drive over the weekends. I wonder if it is only¬†about height? Maybe yes, maybe no. 432 Park Avenue is a tall building, in fact tallest residential building in NYC. Here are some¬†facts:

  • Address: 432 Park Avenue
  • Number of Floors: 85 (above ground) + 3 (below ground)
  • Height: 1,369 ft (424 m)
  • Design Architect: Rafael Vinoly

Being curious I used NYC’s Open Data and created a 3-D model. The model consists of all buildings in NYC with their 3-D shapes and the elevation model of NYC. What I wanted to know is which streets have visibility to 432 Park Avenue tower. I used ArcGIS to utilize a viewshed analysis and clipped the results to NYC street data. Voila! Pretty visible – Although the tower is in a dense area of Manhattan, its unique slender shape and location makes it visible from all boroughs. Enough said, enjoy the map!


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